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Good luck to a long time friend of Motor City CrossFit, Chris Weir. He’s competing in the Crossfit games 40-45 masters division.   


35977 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights, MI, 48310

That, friends, will be our new address for our Sterling Heights location as of about 2:00 PM Saturday, June 27th, 2015 (post-WOD at the old place).

“Gym Dad” Vinny

We are super excited about the move to the new Motor City CrossFit location on Mound. To truly know where we are going, you need to understand where we have been. In December of 2007, Matt Deminico affiliated Motor City CrossFit in his garage.

MCCF was the 3rd CrossFit gym in Michigan, 177th in the world!

(Currently, estimates reveal that there are over 10,000 affiliates worldwide!)

Deminico’s garage was filled with some weights, a few car parts, tools, kids’ toys and a few dirty pieces of carpeting. I connected with Matt around February or March of 2008. Realization hit me after a few WODs. I had just stumbled upon something truly special (and it is not Matt’s dirty garage)! After all of my years of military group PT, years of back and bi’s on Monday, the skull crushers and my countless long distance runs; this was f&@%ng terrible, but it was competitive? I’m working out against a clock, the person next to me and myself.



Matt decided to take on partners to help finance the move to a light industrial building. This box was a 1700 square foot facility with 1 bathroom, a small office and a garage door. I made a pull-up structure out of 4×6 lumber and Home Depot black pipe (it broke once). We had one model C rower, one model B rower, one set of rings, two squat stands, homemade box jumps, a few bars, bumpers, steel, 2 or 3 medicine balls and some kettle bells. It was not uncommon for three people to share a bar or a box! To put our beginnings in perspective, if you wanted to compete in the CrossFit Games back then? All you had to do was sign up!



In February 2010, we literally lifted up our pull-up structure and walked it across the street to a 3200 sq. ft. location. 8 months later we had the adjoining wall opened up and we expanded our box to a grand total of 6400 sq. ft.

June of 2011 we hosted the MCCF Summer Open competition; the very first of its kind in the area!



In June 2012, after much deliberation, it was decided that we were picking up and moving to our current location on Irving Street. Our two greatest hopes were that we could purchase the building, and that both the upstairs and the enclosed studio could be leased out to like-minded businesses.

Neither happened.

As the end of our 3 year lease approached, we tried to renegotiate a deal with the building owner but we could not arrive at a reasonable agreement.


We started the search for a new box at the beginning of 2015. At first, nothing had the right feel.

One day Mike McNichol suggested I take a look at 35977 Mound. I drove along that string of buildings and mistakenly looked into the wrong unit. While turning around in that parking lot, I stopped and checked out the batting cage building. I thought to myself, “This building is perfect.” After talking to the broker, I learned that it was indeed the batting cage building that was available!


Gang, when I tell you this building that we are moving into is awesome, I truly mean it. This new Mound Road location is everything a CrossFit facility needs to be. We will have a large section that is only to be used during group class, for group class. Another section will be available anytime our doors are open for business. That section will have pull up rigs, rings, bumpers and turf. Two Olympic platforms will also be readily available. Each area that I’m describing will be close enough so that you won’t feel like you are an outcast. This floor plan will offer enough separation as to not interrupt our group classes.

We all understand that a building is just 4 walls and a roof. A bar is just metal, and bumpers are just rubber. The true magic is the group and friends forged during these WODs. It is the people sweating and pushing themselves to the left and the right of you that makes this special. As you look through these pictures, what is missing from the new Mound Rd. box? YOU!

Without the members, it is just another 4 walls and a roof. We are Motor City CrossFit. We are a family.

Just a quick update for everyone, and a review of what we have going on at both locations:

Unless there is a special event happening, here’s what we have going on on a monthly basis:

FreeFit Saturdays:
The last Saturday of every month is FreeFit Saturday at both SH and SCS. Bring a friend, just show up, whatever, this WOD is perfect to get a taste of CrossFit. Free for everyone, veterans and rookies alike.

CrossFit Lite:
Have you (or someone you know) heard of CrossFit, but aren’t quite sure you want to do the “whole CrossFit thing”? Try out CrossFit Lite in Sterling Heights Tuesdays at 7:30 PM, and Saturdays at 10:00 AM. eMail us at for more info.

Benchmark Saturdays:
Every first Saturday in Sterling Heights is Benchmark Saturday. Pick your own benchmark, repeat a WOD, or just do a WOD you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Crossfit Comp Athletes

This week brings the first Crossfit Games Open Announcement of the 2015 season. I hope that everyone who signed up is excited and, if you haven’t signed up, that you do so in the near future. With that in mind, we are going to be seeing some changes in the programming for the next few weeks. I have noticed some things in the gym lately regarding movement and technique. I want you all to know that we at MCCF want to ensure that all our athletes in this community are receiving the best possible training we can provide. So what better time than now to spend some time focusing on perfect movement technique in our 9 Fundamental Crossfit movements. Over the next 4-5 weeks we will be spending time focusing on movement technique and correcting flaws. Even I find myself losing form when trying to push through the last round of a wod or when I am trying to hit a new 1 rep max, but I want to make sure we haven’t lost that steady foundation.

Also, if you are planning to take the Open seriously, which I hope you are, then you may want to consider taking it easy on Thursdays to be prepared for Friday Open WODs.

For the next 5 weeks, Thursday Nights at 6:30 we will be watching the live release of the Open WOD and then if you want to knock it out and set the standard for the gym to follow you can do the WOD at 7:30. We will also be holding two sessions every Friday at 6:30pm and 7:30pm for Open WODS. I encourage everyone to attend the Friday sessions in support of our MCCF Team/Community. Feel free to bring some post WOD drinks and snacks and cheer on your MCCF Family.

I’ll leave you with something that a very wise Staff Sergeant said to me in the past that has driven the way I approach life…. You are your own worst enemy. The only thing that keeps you from being successful or from performing to your potential is you.


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