Vincent Palazzolo

Vinny is currently a Captain in Charge of Patrol Operation. Retired SWAT team commander with a Suburban Detroit Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT Team. He is a certified SWAT, Firearms, Defensive Tactics instructor and an Army Infantry Combat Veteran (OIF). He has a strong and lengthy background in organized group physical training and motivation. Given the nature of his career, it is important to maintain a high level of fitness in an effort to be prepared for any obstacles his job may present. To achieve this high level of fitness, he has chosen CrossFit.

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Mobility
Certified First Responder/CPR American Heart Association

Matt DeMinico


Matt DeMinico started Motor City CrossFit in his tiny garage back in 2007. With a regular 9-5 engineering job, he doubles as our behind-the-scenes tech guy when he’s not running classes. He and his wife have six kids, and they are very active in their Church.

Matt came across CrossFit when he was looking for a good strength and conditioning program to supplement his speed skating training, and someone said to look into “that CrossFit thing”. Up to that point, he had been doing the standard off-ice training that most speed skaters do, including strength, bodyweight, and bike work, mixed in with interval training. He switched to Crossfit, and after three months of Crossfit training, felt twice as good on the ice compared to the previous year and a half of other training methods.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Gymnastics
Red Cross CPR/AED Certified


Christopher Plague
“The Plague”

The Plague
When I was younger and playing sports, one of my favorite activities was training hard in the weight room in order to improve on the field. Once I stopped playing sports competitively, my enthusiasm for working out started to dwindle. Fortunately, around that time I heard about CrossFit and decided to give it a try. I was instantly hooked on the challenge to learn all the different movements and skills. I also grew to love the community aspect and the fun that comes with working out in a group. Since joining Motor City in 2012 a lot has changed, but I still find tremendous joy in being part of such a great gym — not only as an instructor, but also as an active member.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Minor in Health Promotion
Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED certified

Pete Nellis

Pete Nellis

I am currently an Assistant Manager in Purchasing at General Motors and moved to Michigan in November of 2013 from Oswego, New York. After playing college hockey and golf at Clarkson University I found myself starting to learn much more about explosiveness and full body functionality rather than bicep curls and ab machines. After college, I found Crossfit. I wanted to stay competitive and try something new, this was it.
I began coaching at MCCF in January of 2014 and have loved every second of it. When I moved to Michigan I had one friend and no family here. Since beginning coaching and becoming a part of MCCF, MCCF has become my family. Crossfit and MCCF specifically have changed my life. Coaching is all about helping people push past their limits and expectations. It’s amazing to see what putting in work and sticking to a plan can do to change someone. Not only in body composition, but attitude, confidence, and communication. Put in work, stick to the plan, and this stuff works. I want to be prepared for whatever life throws at me, so I chose Crossfit.

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Coach Donna “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

I have always been active and dabbled in lots of activities: running, weight training, hiking, ice hockey and running after two boys. I was encouraged to check out CrossFit in 2010. Motor City became my home shortly after that. I love the combination of individual physical and mental challenge paired with good-natured competition. I got my Level 1 certification in 2012. As an older female athlete (I just have to be ok with that) I like to find ways to help our women improve on things that can be particularly challenging for females.

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Kyle Morrow

28 y/o. Born and raised in St Clair Shores Michigan. Grew up in a competitive household along with my older, and twin brother. I played multiple sports growing up with football being my #1. I have the passion of coaching in my blood. My Grandpa was a Hall of Fame high school track and field, and swimming coach. My dad coached swimming for 25 years. My twin brother Steve is currently a Diving and CrossFit coach. I started my coaching career at Lake Shore High School. I coached the JV football team for 3 seasons. I was unable to continue due to my profession. I am currently a Firefighter/Paramedic at the city of Warren. I have been in this line of work for nearly 10 years. With the physical demands of my job, I was seeking a style of fitness that would complement it. Trying to be Arnold wasn’t cutting it. This is when I decided to walk in the doors of MCCF. Instantly, I was hooked. I loved not only the physical demands, the competitiveness, but the technicalities of the movements. I then became a student of the sport. With the knowledge that I obtained through the great coaches of MCCF, and the research that I did, I decided to pursue coaching CrossFit. I’ve been coaching for nearly 3 years now, and been loving every bit of it.

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Michael Lamerato

Age 27

Hometown: Port Huron, raised in Sterling Heights
Occupation: mental health professional/quality assurance analyst

I’ve been doing crossfit for about two years now, I’ve always been into working out and started crossfit for the first time at MCCF after grad school. I was looking for something that would be more challenging and also was tired of the usual gym routine. Once I found croasfit, I was instantly hooked and it has become a staple in my weekly routine for the last couples years. I decided to get my certification last summer at crossfit 810 as a way to break up office work and teach something I love. Since then, it has been great to help others on their road to get fit and have fun. Some personal notes about me: I currently work in the mental health world as therapist for a private practice and as a quality assurance analyst for a local non-profit. I enjoy going up north to the cabin, being outside, going to concerts, drinking whiskey, and working out. Crossfit-wise I enjoy anything with a kettle bell and C+J, least favorite would thrusters. I hope to see you around the box and to enjoy a WOD with you!

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Bob Szukala

I was an athlete; 5-sports in high school, 10 Varsity Letters and 2 All-County Selections. Then, in college, I walked on to the Wrestling team where I was mostly a practice partner to All-Americans who wiped the floor with me. Played some rec-league sports after that (soccer, softball, etc.), but found myself falling further and further from being in the kind of shape I remembered in the glory days. In the April of 2014, I was at a burger place in Florida and a totally buff dude walked in wearing a CrossFit shirt. He looked my age or older, and I decided at that moment that if he could do it, so could I. I signed up that summer and haven’t looked back ever since. Three and a half years later, my only complaint about CrossFit is that I didn’t start sooner. Wanting to expand my knowledge, I took the CF-L1 training course in August of 2017 and started coaching at MCCF immediately thereafter.

I love MCCF and CrossFit for the following reasons: 1) It’s always hard, no matter how good you get. 2) You can always improve. I’m still just as excited when I hit a PR as when I first started. 3) It never gets old. We can always mix it up and make it new. 4) Stick with it, and you become part of a fitness community (FitFam) that will push, encourage, and support you. 5) EVERYONE SCALES! Therefore, there’s no reason to ever feel bad if you can’t do what someone next to you can.

Outside of the box (that’s what we CrossFitters call the gym), I am an Assistant Principal at Western International H.S. in Detroit (2015 State Champions in Basketball), Head Wrestling Coach at De La Salle H.S, a craft beer enthusiast, long suffering Detroit Lions season ticket holder, and proud U of M alumnus and Wolverine fan.

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

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