Vincent Palazzolo

Vinny is currently a shift Lieutenant and a SWAT team commander with a Suburban Detroit Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT Team. He is a certified SWAT, Firearms, Defensive Tactics instructor and an Army Infantry Combat Veteran (OIF). He has a strong and lengthy background in organized group physical training and motivation. Given the nature of his career, it is important to maintain a high level of fitness in an effort to be prepared for any obstacles his job may present. To achieve this high level of fitness, he has chosen CrossFit.

Certified CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer
Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
CrossFit Mobility Certified
Certified First Responder/CPR American Heart Association

Matt DeMinico


Matt DeMinico is one of only three CrossFit Level 2 certified instructors in Michigan. He started Motor City CrossFit in his tiny garage back in 2007. With a regular 9-5 engineering job, he doubles as our behind-the-scenes tech guy when he’s not running classes. He and his wife have five kids, and they are very active in their Church.

Matt came across CrossFit when he was looking for a good strength and conditioning program to supplement his speed skating training, and someone said to look into “that CrossFit thing”. Up to that point, he had been doing the standard off-ice training that most speed skaters do, including strength, bodyweight, and bike work, mixed in with interval training. He switched to Crossfit, and after three months of Crossfit training, felt twice as good on the ice compared to the previous year and a half of other training methods.

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Level 2 Certified
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
Red Cross CPR/AED Certified


Yvette Lepore

Yvette spent  over 10 years as an automotive professional before deciding to make a career change to pursue her passion in fitness.  Sports and fitness have been a part of Yvette’s life for as long as she can remember.  She was snow skiing, water skiing, and riding dirt bikes as a small child, and running cross-country and track in school.  She took up distance running after college, and has several respectable marathon finishes to her credit, including 2 Boston marathons.

Yvette got involved with weight training in 2006. She was instantly intrigued and became an ACE certified personal trainer in 2007. She left her automotive career in early 2008 to pursue a career in fitness.  She moved to the St. Louis area and became a full-time trainer and fitness manager of a large globo gym.  She trained a diverse clientele of one-on-one and small group clients in functional training, strength training, nutrition and weight loss, and injury rehab.  Yvette has guided pregnant women through an active and healthy pregnancy, as well as help high school football players put on size and strength, Jiu-Jitsu fighters win an important fight, and senior citizen diabetics get off of their medications.  “One of the best feelings in the world is helping people push themselves to reach a goal they never thought possible.  I never felt anything like this in the corporate world.”  Yvette quickly became a self-proclaimed “gym rat” and a self taught expert in everything fitness.  She became involved in powerlifting, as well as bodybuilding and physique competitions. At 40, she competed in and won her first figure competition. She went on reach National level qualification before discovering Crossfit .

Yvette was ready for a new challenge and was looking for something fun and different.  What she found was not only fun, but much, much more. Yvette joined MCCF in April, 2010.  “The people at Motor City Crossfit quickly became my family, and Crossfit my passion.  I thought I loved working out before…..that was nothing.  I have never been so happy in a gym in my life!”  Yvette received her Crossfit Level 1 Certification in July, 2010 and has never looked back.  “I am stronger, leaner and more fit than I have ever been in my life.  Crossfit works. Period.  In all my years in this business, I have never found anything that makes more sense or gets the results that Crossfit does.  The results got me addicted….the community will keep me here forever.”  Yvette has been a trainer at MCCF since mid-2010, and is amazed and rewarded every day by the incredible spirit and strength of its members.  “I love training these people, and I’m proud to call them my box-mates.”

Crossfit Level  1 Certified

Crossfit Kettlebell Certified

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED Certified

Kat Calandra

My name is Katherine Calandra (everyone calls me Kat).  I have gotten to know quite a lot of the athletes at  MCCF, but for those of you who don’t know me I’m the girl usually working out with my daughter Lyla in the jogger stroller.  Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up I played pretty much every sport there was. Once I got out of high school I knew I wanted to make fitness my career choice.  I decided to become a personal trainer and worked in a one-on-one training facility for many years. During that time I obtained multiple fitness certifications including: group fitness, SPIN, zumba, kickboxing, piyo (a mix of pilates & yoga), TRX as well as ketlebell. During my years as a trainer I always sought out different ways to not only improve my own fitness capacity  but mainly new ways to make sure my clients got the most out of their workouts. And then I discovered it, Crossfit!  I fell in love with CrossFit the moment I tried it and I have never looked back.  It is by far the best training modality I have ever taken part in, and I am so excited to be training with everyone at MCCF. Everyone at the box I feel is an extension of my family because we all share the same passion for fitness. I recently obtained my  CrossFit Level 1 and I am looking forward to not only training at MCCF but also being part of the coaching team.  ~ Train hard!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer

AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

TRX Trainer

CPR/AED certified


Christopher Plague
“The Plague”

The Plague
While growing up I played all kinds of sports, eventually focusing on baseball. One of my favorite things about playing sports was training hard in the weight room in order to improve on the field. Once I stopped playing baseball competitively, my enthusiasm for working out started to dwindle. Fortunately, around this time I heard about CrossFit and decided to give it a try. I was instantly hooked on the challenge to learn all the different movements and skills. After exposure to it through CrossFit, I became particularly interested in Olympic Weightlifting. I’ve always had aspirations to have a career related to fitness or sports, and after joining Motor City CrossFit I decided there was no better place to start than getting my CrossFit Level 1 certificate.  Currently I am studying Kinesiology at Michigan State University and spending my holiday breaks and summers training and working at Motor City CrossFit.

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Nick Ostrowski


CrossFit Level 1 trainer
USAW Certified trainer 



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