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For a long time, we didn’t post rates online because some people were seeing “Whoa!!!, that much per month for a gym? I can pay $10 at Planet Fitness down the street!!!” (which you can by the way last time we checked… and you can get free Pizza there, and bagels, and candy… and convince yourself you’re on the path to fitness!)

Here’s the basics:
At Motor City CrossFit you’re basically getting personal training at group class rates. Rates vary from $100-$150/month, depending how many classes you want to take ($100 is 2/week, $135 for 3/week, and $150 for unlimited). Note: If you are a firefighter, policeman, or in the military, you qualify for the Sheep Dog discount. (See “What is a Sheep Dog?”)

What people weren’t understanding was that we offer two completely different products. Globo Gyms offer the “come in and use our machines and some free weights” (and the cafè…) Planet Fitness offers the “feel good” business model, and they literally kick out anyone who exerts themself because it makes their other members “feel bad about themselves” (we’re not kidding).

The problem is, results come from hard work. That’s why we offer the “Come here and do hard work, we’ll teach and coach you through everything you do, and provide an incredibly fun group to work out with”. Our trainers can train whenever they want to, but they purposely set aside time to come and train with the group, it’s literally that much of a difference. Try it for a month or two and tell us what you think.

We’ve go no long term commitments, no “pay up front for 86 years and receive a 35% discount!!!” schemes, none of that. We don’t want you to pay and not show up. We make money when you get the results you want, your friends say “Wow, what have you been doing?”, and then your friends join along side you.

Click here for our “How do I join” page.

If you want to read more of our “getting rather lengthy” article about value in training, keep reading, otherwise, the meat of the info about our rates is above.

Another way to look at it is:  Invest in your health now and have us train you right, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your “health” when you’re “old” (this includes bad knees, backs, neck, shoulders, etc when you’re “old”, like 30, sometimes younger, I know a 30-ish year old that just got knee replacement stemming from health problems).

We don’t operate like a normal “big box” globo gym.  The typical gym paradigm is designed to require as little labor as possible.  Think about it, when you walk into an {insert name of any gym here}, you see machines, and a “free weight area”.  The goal of the gym owner is to spend enough money up front that he only has to hire a high school kid to work the desk, another to operate the café, and another to keep the place clean.  Trainers are an afterthought, and can usually add benefit to everyone involved (if they’re a good trainer, and if you can afford it).  The conventional gym’s best customer is the one who prepays for a full year (or better yet, 3 year) membership, comes for a month, and never shows up again.  This, coupled with their completely hands-off approach to your training, allows big box gyms to charge people a quarter, for something that should cost a dollar, and give them a dime’s worth of value.

Motor City CrossFit on the other hand needs very little equipment, but requires highly skilled trainers who provide exceptional training.  It just so happens that ten thousand dollar machines aren’t very useful in increasing fitness, or in preparing you for every day life.  Heck, our equipment can almost be matched in your own garage for about $1000 (for one person training at a time).  Ah, but that other part, the core of what we do, the training; that’s where the real value comes in.  Every single person has eyes on them throughout the workout, their technique is constantly being checked, their weights or reps are recommended based on their ability to get them the most benefit out of each workout.

Basically, there’s a lot of places out there less expensive than us (and some more expensive), but none provide the value you’ll get at a good CrossFit affiliate.  Heck, we don’t even let someone work out with our group classes until they have a basic understanding of the movements.  We can’t have a group of 12 people sitting around half the class because the trainer is working with a new guy, that’s why we have our foundations classes for new clients.

Here’s how it works:  Your first session is free.  At this session, we will do an initial assessment of your ability and plan out your next three foundations courses.  After that, we move you into our group classes at reduced weights and reps for a period of time (we’d do this with everyone, give us Arnold, Lance Armstong, or Grandma Mildred, and they’re all going to be working their way up into the group).  The only exception to this is veteran CrossFitters, if you are, you know who you are.

BUT, we’ll caution you now, 95% of people who’ve been doing CrossFit on their own have glaring weaknesses in their form that they’d benefit greatly from getting corrected.  So regardless, very few people will be excepted from going through the foundations classes.

Advanced crossfitters – You’ve been doing Crossfit for a long time, consistently, and can prove it. You may be exempted from the introductory classes at the discretion of the instructor. There will be a test on both your technique in a number of movements, as well as your physical conditioning. If you have not consistently done the WOD at a minimum of three times per week consistently for the last few months, for your own safety, don’t attempt this option; if you’ve taken a month off, this is not the option for you. There will be very few people who fit into this option.

Note: This option is seriously only for people who are experienced Crossfitters who have RECENTLY been doing the Crossfit WOD (by consistently we mean for the last half year or longer, and aren’t “coming off a break”). I don’t care if you’re a veteran Navy SEAL, if you haven’t done Crossfit, you WILL physically harm yourself attempting this option. There have been multiple individuals (in particular, one special operations member, and one former Army Ranger and SWAT team member) who were in great shape, attempted to jump right into full-out Crossfit, and had a multi-day visit to the hospital and near brush with death due to Rhabdomyolysis (another article is linked here). At the first link, pay close attention to Comment #3 by one Rhabdomyolysis victim, Jorge, who said “I had been Crossfitting before and took a long break… was scoring high on the Army APFT, and got back into Crossfitting too fast and too hard”.

This isn’t to scare you, but to warn you that you MUST properly acclimate yourself to Crossfit training. That is exactly what options 1 and 2 are for. Crossfit is the most effective fitness program on the planet, you must approach it correctly and with respect if you want to reap its benefits.

The long and short of it: Give us a call, schedule your free intro session, and see if CrossFit is for you.

Note: If you are a firefighter, policeman, or in the military, you qualify for the Sheep Dog discount.  What is a Sheep Dog?

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