How do I join?

Here’s what you do to get started:

The short version:
1) Free Assessment – schedule it by calling us (586) 834 7282 or eMail at
2) Like it?
Yes – Start our on-ramp program
Yes & I have perfect technique already – join classes (at trainers’ discretion)

Note: Police, Fire, Military personnel receive a discount, see the Sheep Dogs page for more information.

The “more information” version:

*Everyone* goes through a free assessment to get an idea of where they’re starting from. The only exception to this is CrossFitters moving into town, when their coach will vouch for them. Trust us when we say this, no matter what you’ve already done, CrossFit is different. You need to ramp up to CrossFit, and that’s what the on-ramp is for.

Next comes the on-ramp. Here you learn the foundations of technique, and do a workout at the end of each session. This has the effect of ramping you up into CrossFit.

This means when you’ve been here for a few months, you aren’t sitting idle while we teach a movement to a new guy for 20 minutes. That would not be very fair to you.

After that its group classes time.

Check our Training Rates page for cost of each class.

Advanced crossfitters – You’ve been doing Crossfit on your own for a long time, consistently, and can prove it. You may be exempted from the introductory classes at the discretion of the instructor. We will check both your technique in a number of movements, as well as your physical conditioning. If you have not consistently done the WOD at a minimum of three times per week for the last few months, just do the on-ramp. If you’ve taken a month off, this is not the option for you. There are very few people who fit into this category.

If you’ve read about CrossFit, you’ve probably heard about Rhabdomyolysis. That is what happens when someone dives blindly into CrossFit. Now, we’re not going to sugar coat Rhabdomyolysis, it CAN happen during any extreme over-exertion. The good thing is, your body defines “extreme over-exertion”, as over time, your body becomes more conditioned. A workout you have no problem with on day 30 would have been dangerous to try on day 1. And that’s why we do our on-ramp. We work closely with every client to make sure they can handle the level of each workout, and we scale it back if there’s any doubt.

Your CrossFit journey will be a long one, ideally a lifetime. We have clients of all ages and ability levels. From men and women who struggle with an empty barbell, to others who place in the top few percentile of CrossFitters in the region. Both groups of clients will end up in the same place, which is “a much better quality of life than they would have had otherwise”. Where you end up is up to you.

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