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Run 400 meters
25 Burpees
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8 Responses to “06/12/2012”

  • Vinny:

    I named this WOD after Vito, he wouldn’t stop raving about how much he liked it, he wanted to do it once a week and might even do it twice tonight.

  • JD:

    ‘cking wacko.

  • Veets:

    Bahahahhahahahahahahahhahaah … I am so glad you didn’t get a picture of my face .. Complete misery … And just for being a whining b$tch now my name is going to be associated with the WORST set of constantly varied movements of all time … LOL

  • Susan:

    Vito…in the future, try to tone down your greetings.
    I’d prefer a simple “Hey there Susan” at the entrance…
    Tonight I get: “Just go home! Go home NOW! Seriously…while you have the chance! This WOD sucks SO bad…”
    Wow! Usually the 5:30 people don’t play such mind games with the 6:30 people… 😉

  • Damon:

    LOL I got the same greeting when I walked in…

  • Dr C:

    Veets gave me the standard greeting of saluting me with his middler finger…i’m starting to think he’s not referencing me being “#1” huh? that wod was a real burner.

  • The Belgian:

    I can’t wait to do that again. I really enjoyed myself.

  • Jackhammer:

    Doc C, if there was a way to “like” your comment I would… or, maybe I just did. Belgian, this screams your wheelhouse.


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