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Question- What is the best form a social media to keep gym members in the loop and engaged?
A- Web Site
E-Other that I don’t know about because Im over 40?

We are going to be hosting FreeFit Saturdays in St Clair Shores during the month of November, and keeping a regular FreeFit schedule every month after.

FreeFit is just what it sounds like. Come in, bring your friends, and work out for free. WODs are designed to be simple enough to catch on for a new guy, and scalable so you can do them with a fire breather or with a total CrossFit newbie.

10034_500118460042526_71301038_nMCCF WOD with Warriors
Click on the link above for the flyer.

BS- “Bring Sally Up”
– If you go to heavy and have to drop weight its a 30 burpee penalty.

For Time:
30 C2B Pull Ups
400m Run
15 OHS 135/95
800m Run
15 OHS
400m Run
30 C2B Pull Ups

Hang Snatch- Work up to a heavy single or practice technique.

15:00 AMRAP

5 Pwr Snatch 135/95
10 T2B
10 Pwr Snatch
20 T2B
15 Pwr Snatch
30 T2B

TGUs 10 Min

8:00 EMOM
5-8 T2B

20:00 AMRAP
500m Row
100m Farmer’s Carry 53/35
20 OH Walking Lunge with 45/25 plate


500m Row Buy-in
Wall Balls
Push Ups

Hang Clean + Jerk- work up to a heavy single or just practice technique.

5 RFT:
8 Power Clean @135/95
8 Burpee Over the Bar

3 rds:
400m Run
30 Squats
20 S2O @115/75
2 rds:
400m Run
30 Sit Ups
20 S2O @ 95/65
1 Rd:
400m run
30 Lunges
20 S2O @ 75/55



As many of you know, MCCF trainer Pete Nellis is very involved with Barbells for Boobs and promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. Motor City Crossfit will be hosting a Barbells for Boobs event at Saint Clair Shores on Sunday October 26th at 1pm. We will be doing the benchmark workout Grace and we will have multiple heats for as long as needed to accommodate everyone. There will be scaled, RX (135/95), and elite (185/135). If you’re feeling crazy, you can go heavier. Donations are welcome but not needed to participate. All proceeds will go directly to Barbells for Boobs. Come on over whether you’re participating or not and wear pink to show your support!

Also, Pete will be doing one thruster for every 10 dollars that was raised for his personal fundraiser. We hope to see everyone there for a great cause! Let me know if you have any questions. Heats will begin at 1pm sharp.


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Phone: 586 834 7282

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Active Duty Military Members
If you are a Crossfitter and on leave, stop by and get a work out on us. Its the least we can do for you serving. Thank you
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