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Name: Sean Slater
Age: 28
Occupation: Product Manager – Lacrosse at Warrior Sports
Family: Lives with GF in Royal Oak; Family in Massachusetts & New Mexico
From: Ashland, MA – 40 Min W of Boston
Athletic Background:
• High School: golf and lacrosse
• College – NCAA Lacrosse – Elmira College
• Post Grad: Lacrosse Coach / Player Leeds Metropolitan University-UK, England
• Current: Lacrosse with Salt Shakerz (travel team that raises money for breast cancer research) & pickup/ Men’s league Hockey
Total Progress thus far:
• Starting Weight: 276#
• Current Weight: 225#
• Total Loss of 51#
• 4-5 months of crossfit (Completed On-Ramp end of 6/14)
Notable PRs:
• Total: 720 (340# DL/ BS 265#/ Press 115#)

Reason why you decided to join MCCF:
Wanted to get back into the same shape I was in playing lacrosse in college. Saw friends and co-workers having success with CF and decided it was time to give it a shot. I needed to find something that was going to push me further than I was pushing myself – and I found that at MCCF.

Things you enjoy about Crossfit/MCCF:
The people and atmosphere are fantastic. Everyone is welcoming and wants to see you succeed as much, if not more, than they want to themselves. I really enjoy the team aspect and group cohesion of MCCF – it reminds me of team workouts in college.

• Playing Golf/Lacrosse/Hockey
• Traveling
• Visiting family


Another hard working individual that has also just decided to change his diet and take on the Paleo Challenge. More success is soon to come.

Congratulations Sean. Keep up the hard work.


With the start of the New Year comes a time to set some new goals. This year could bring great things for us. As Crossfitters, we have some new obstacles to face this year. The open is upon us with the first WOD being posted 26 FEB. Once again, this year brings new things to the sport. Regions have been somewhat realigned and regionals have become super regionals. A scaled and Rx division have been added this year along with other changes. None the less, we still need to be setting goals.
This Sunday we will be posting a new board for you to write your goals on. I want to set you up for success in creating your goals.
1. Make sure they are SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound. (use this when creating goals and ask yourself if your goal meets the criteria.
2. Make a goal for the open and make at least one gym oriented goal.
3. Set a goal for your life. Short-term, long-term. Land a new job, get a promotion, meet someone new, etc.

All of us at MCCF look forward to helping you along the way in the New Year and we will do all we can to set you up for success.

Schedule for SCS and SH this week:

Mon 12/29 Regular Schedule
Tues 12/30 Regular Schedule
Wed 12/31 10:00am
Thurs 1/1 Closed
Fri 1/2 10:00am
Sat 1/3 10:00am FREE FIT!!!

Mon 12/29 Regular Schedule
Tues 12/30 Regular Schedule
Wed 12/31 Regular Schedule
Thurs 1/1 11:00am
Fri 1/2 Regular Schedule
Sat 1/3 Regular Schedule


Had an awesome Saturday Free Fit this weekend. Thank you everyone who brought a friend and to our drop-in from California. Everyone did great. If anyone has questions about joining for the New Year, please email us.

When: January 3rd 2015 at 1200
Where: MCCF Sterling Heights
Who: Anyone can join in on the challenge. We encourage everyone to participate. You do not have to be a member of Motor City Crossfit so bring friends, family, coworkers, etc.
Cost: $15.00 for Members
$75.00 for Non-members
• Non-Member pricing includes two Crossfit Lite Classes per week and take home workouts
Paleo Challenge Seminar will be held on January 3rd at 1200
You will learn the down and dirty of the Paleo diet and the guidelines for the challenge.
We will conduct a weigh-in and body tape (if you are comfortable) *male/female trainers will be present
-Everyone will receive a journal to record their data.
-Top Male and Female Performers will receive prizes
-3 recipes will be posted each week
Please email Mike McNichol at to sign up
*if you cannot make the seminar, you can still sign up
Contact Mike McNichol if you have any questions. Details will be explained at the seminar.


Contact us:
Phone: 586 834 7282

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Main MCCF Phone:
(586) 834-7282

Matt DeMinico
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Active Duty Military Members
If you are a Crossfitter and on leave, stop by and get a work out on us. Its the least we can do for you serving. Thank you
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